Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dalek by Proxy

While it's very likely that a Dalek(s) figure is in the works over at Bif Bang Pow, if you can't wait (like me) there is a kind of an affordable fix available in the UK. In 1975, Palitoy released this talking Dalek toy (seen above) which blends in very well in the 8" set. It's a touch shorter than it probably should be but as you can see Brock has his hands full. If you don't care about a broken talk function you can usually get one for under $30, the one i have cost around $26.


The Palitoy Dalek was however, not made by Mego but by Japanese toy maker Tomy. Mego made one for Denys Fisher which is hard to find in any condition, it is a little more show accurate but will likely set you back $200 or more.

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  1. If you can get your hands on the 2005 Daleks, (from Dalek and Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways), that were made to hold Shampoo they are Mego Scale; more or less. They stand a bit taller. Their eye-stalk will probably come up to Brock's mouth or nose. Their top 1/2 is squeezable, to be a Shampoo Bottle Top, but is still is as super-detailed as the rest of the Dalek. You can dump the shampoo but lave the bottle intact, inside the lower half, because it helps the Dalek swivel right and left. Supposedly they made the Black Dalek from the Cult of Skaro, The Supreme Dalek and the New Design Daleks as shampoo bottles as well. So there is a range of them to pit against all your Megos', ( Daleks vs. Star Trek, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Superman, etc.).