Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Doctor Who Toyfair 2012

Bifbangpow gave Whovians 3 reasons to get excited over this toyfair with the announcement of more villains, more companions and more Doctors for 2012. After the jump we'll go through what makes us giddy...

bifbangpow Doctor Who

Reason #1- DALEKS! Look at that "Genesis" era beauty standing there and just think of the possibilities. BBP has been playing a lot with sound chips these days, ohpleasepleasepleaseplease have one.

(I'll still buy one without it though)
bifbangpow Doctor Who

Reason #2- More Hinchcliffe era baddies, this looks like it might be a two pack from "Talons of Weng Chiang" and includes everybodies favourite homunculus Mr Sin.
bifbangpow Doctor Who

Reason #3- MORE DOCTORS! Apparantly part of an SDCC two pack Doctor #1 will be debuting this year. It is not known what the second figure will be at this point. Next to him is Kraal (from the Android Invasion) and the announcement that he will be paired with Magnus Greel (not shown).

So that makes the Bifbangpow check list look like this:

Wave One:
The Doctor
The Master
Cyber Leader

Wave Two:

Wave Three:
 Li H'sen Chang
Mr Sin
Magnus Greel
K-9 with Tardis
First Doctor and ?

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