Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kitbash Who? : The Brigadier

Another quick and inexpensive recipe by our own Steve Moore to help beef up your cast of characters.With the passing of Nicholas Courtney, it seemed right to jump forward in the Who mythos and assemble the good Brigadier. This is another example of a minimum of skill and just the right pieces. RIP NC

The Brigadier as seen in the 7th season of Doctor Who.

The Recipe after the Jump:

    • Recipe
      CTVT Lafitte
      CTVT Gun belt and gun
      CTVT Boots
      Old Mego Fonzie shirt
      Mattel talking Venkman
      Parts box pouch glued to gunbelt
      Paco red hat
      Tan acrylic paint
      Homemade stickers
      The recipe is simple, paint the Paco hat tan, add your own custom stickers and dress the doll and bang "Chap with the wings, five rounds rapid!"

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