Friday, May 6, 2011

The Master

The Peter Pratt version of the Master from the "Deadly Asassin" is in the first wave of Bif Bang Pow Doctor Who figures and rightfully so, this version of the Master tangled with the fourth Doctor on two different occasions. Could a Roger Delgado Master be in the works? One can only hope!

Like all of these figures, the final release is subject to change based on licensor approval.


  1. Probably the only thing keeping this figure from being a complete match for this version of The Master is that the robes are too neat. It will probably be up to the individuals who purchase the figure to distress the robes or add another layer to get it screen accurate. It is a really great version of the character tho.

  2. The Doctor: The sash is damaged!

    The Master: You lie! Arrrrggghhhh!!!!!!