Friday, May 6, 2011

The Fourth Doctor

The first Doctor in the Bif Bang Pow series of Doctor Who figures (and hopefully not the last) is fan favourite fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. He comes adorned in his early garb, complete with trademark scarf, sonic screwdriver and fedora.

The Master

The Peter Pratt version of the Master from the "Deadly Asassin" is in the first wave of Bif Bang Pow Doctor Who figures and rightfully so, this version of the Master tangled with the fourth Doctor on two different occasions. Could a Roger Delgado Master be in the works? One can only hope!

Like all of these figures, the final release is subject to change based on licensor approval.

Field Major Styre the Sontaran

BifBangPow! has revealed shots of their second figure in the new Doctor Who Series, this being Field Major Styre from the episode "The Sontaran Experiment". The five fingered Styre comes with his blaster and the patented Sontaran Helmet which is of course, removable.

Like all these shots, these figures are subject to change depending on licensor approval.


Straight out of the fourth Doctor Adventure "Revenge of the Cybermen" comes the Cyber Leader along with the Cyber Mat used to spread the virus at Nerva Beacon. He is now available for pre order at Entertainment Earth

It's a pretty easy guess that we'll be getting a regular Cyberman down the line from BifBangPow, oh the army I'm going to build....

The Doctor and Field Major Styre

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kitbash Who?: The Second Doctor

mego doctor who custom

Steve (Azrak) has provided us with yet another groovy kit bash recipe to round out your cast of characters, this time it's the cosmic hobo himself, the second Doctor. You'll have to sculpt your own recorder however, more after the jump: