Monday, June 25, 2012

Bif Bang Pow Unveils their Dalek

In the huge news department, BifBangPow! has put their upcoming  Dalek figure for preorder at Entertainment Earth, this is a Dalek scaled for 8 inch Mego like figures. It's retail? $24.99.

A few things are likely a) BBP will do colour variations of these bad boys and b) I will soon have a Dalek problem in my house. Happy to have such problems.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Doctor Who Toyfair 2012

Bifbangpow gave Whovians 3 reasons to get excited over this toyfair with the announcement of more villains, more companions and more Doctors for 2012. After the jump we'll go through what makes us giddy...

Doctor Who TARDIS Playset with K-9 Action Figure

Toyfair 2012 brings us a ton of excitement for 2012 starting off with the news of a PLAYSET and companion rolled into one. More pictures after the break....