Thursday, July 21, 2011


Wave 2 will give us Megoheads and Doctor Who Collectors in general something they are generally lacking, figures of the companions starting with Leela.

This is a great throwback to Mego history seeing as Leela was the first Who companion to get an action figure way back in 1977. Could Sarah Jane be far behind? How about a Romana two pack? We live in exciting times Mego-Who-Heads!
Doctor Who Leela and Sutekh Action Figures

Skaroth and Sutekh for Wave Two

Just some shots via Megomuseum from the floor of SDCC as we can see two of the more memorable foes from "Pyramids of Mars" and "City of Death" look phenomenal in Mego format.

Doctor Who Leela and Sutekh Action Figures