Friday, October 28, 2011

Bifbangpow Field Major Styre Review

Styre from the bifbangpow doctor who line

Sontarans are not my favourite Who villains by any stretch but considering they were the third baddy the fourth Doctor faced combined with how amendable they are to the Mego style, Styre was a natural fit. He's also a joy as I'll point out after the jump..

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bifbangpow The Master Photo Review

When the Bifbangpow! Who line was first announced, the one character that fans didn't seem enthusiastic about was the Master. Not that he isn't a great villain, it's probably because more folks prefer it to be the likeness of either actors Roger Delgado or Anthony Ainley.

To defend the character choice, the Peter Pratt version of the Master is the "Mego era" rendition of the character and the one that the Tom Baker Doctor faced the most. 

Fans also worried when the original prototype was shown, however I'm happy to report that  BifBangPow  really poured on the quality here and it's a crazy nice piece.  More photos after the jump:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bifbangpow Cyber Leader Photo Review

Perhaps the figure I most looked forward to is the Cyber Leader from "Revenge of the Cyberman". You can keep your JNT era look, this has always been the ultimate design for me.

It is a look that has also been somewhat under served in terms of merchandise. Product Enterprises never got their 1/6th scale version to market, so I was overjoyed to see this guy in the second wave of BifBangPow Doctor Who. More photos after the jump:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Doctor is house

Less than a week after New York Comic Con my parcel from Entertainment Earth has arrived containing the four figures I most looked forward to in 2011. There will be more photos to follow today but I wanted to dedicate this post to the most important figure, the mego era Doctor himself.
The figure itself is joyous and BBP smartly avoided a grinning Doctor (although I guess that leaves room for a future variant) and instead used the grim visage seen in the show's opening credits. His hair gives the appearance of a large head but it's really show accurate.

 The figure comes with a hat but I'm sad to report it just doesn't work. Mego fans will likely be able to create a work around or use the hat for Indiana Jones customs.

The figure comes with a beautiful rendition of the Sonic screwdriver, harkening back to the Denys Fisher line.

 One thing I noticed from the back of the card is that these puppies are limited to 3,000 each, so if you're sitting on the fence about these this might be a motivator.

Look for more photos of waves 1 and 2 today...

Doctor Who Fourth Doctor & Sontaran Styre Action Figures
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